Maeldune - Light on Maldon's Distant Past


It gives us great pleasure and satisfaction to acknowledge that the production of this book has been very much a co-operative effort from start to finish. Thanks go first to the main contributors:

  • Victor Gray .. Foreword
  • Paul N Brown .. Chapter I
  • Derek Punchard .. Chapters II & III
  • Patricia Sheehy .. Chapter IV
  • Barbara Smith .. Chapter V
  • Stephen P Nunn .. Chapter VI
  • Geoffrey Clark .. Photography
  • Michael Rees .. Maps and Pottery Drawings
  • Philip Suggitt .. Cover Design and Illustrations
  • Patrick Adkins .. Additional Archaeological Research
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The Maeldune Team

For the all important initial impetus and organisation we are much indebted to Alen Wyatt's enthusiasm and hard work. Many others have assisted in reading the draft text. In particular we thank Garth Groombridge for repeatedly taking on the whole text and also Tony Froom for assisting with chapter I.

We have endeavoured to use as much of our own Maldon Archaeological Group material as possible in this book so we are also indebted to the many diggers and surveyors who have freely given of their time and energy to collect the precious raw archaeological data and without whom this book would not have been possible.

Our thanks also go to the many people who have kindly given us permission to work on their property, in some cases at very short notice. In particular the help and co-operation of Mr Hughes & Mr Rees (Lofts Farm Project), Mr Dixon (Beeleigh Road), Mrs Sadd (Elmcroft) and Mrs Binder and the Thorneloe family (Spital Road Excavation) have been important to archaeology in and around the town. Also important to the work has been the generous support we have received from Contractors Aggregates Ltd (Lofts Farm Project), Higgs & Hill Homes Ltd and J S Bloor (Southern By-pass Excavations) and Retirement Appreciation Ltd (Elmcroft).

Finally we are very grateful to Kim Platt for her advice and the generous amount of time she has devoted to the printing and binding of this book.

Photograph Caption Credits:

(CA) Calvin Adkins, (JB) Jonathan Brown, (PNB) Paul Brown, (GC) Geoffrey Clark, (SN) Stephen Nunn.

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