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Hedgerow Survey Introduction

Between 1979 and 1984 Patricia Ryan and Elaine Cook walked along the Lofts Farm hedges and recorded the species. The hedges were numbered according to the order in which they were surveyed. Each hedge number was marked on an A4 size Lofts Farm Project – 1978 Plot of Crop Marks plan. As the hedges were paced out the species were recorded in a notebook. It is understood that species were recorded as a number of paces. Gaps in the hedge were recorded in the same way. Scans of the original plan and notebook pages are included in this archive.

Although the original data does have some minor inconsistencies the majority of the record appears to be valid. The main inconsistency relates to the use of the letter E in the notes. It is designated as Elderberry on the first page but later it may have been used for Elm. Elder is also used later in the book. I have chosen to just use Elderberry where there is doubt.

No attempt at hedgerow dating is made in this archive.

All the hedge notes have been interpreted and entered into a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet . This allows the data to be presented in more readable formats.   An “htm” version of the spreadsheet is linked here as well as a copy of the original Excel file. Data is presented in separate “Worksheets” which can be navigated via the “Tabs” at the bottom of each page. A Summary sheet shows all the species for each hedge. Use the Species–Hedge sheet to see where the various species occurred. On Hedge ….. sheets each species and gap is assigned a value to enable a percentage to be automatically calculated for each hedge length.